About Us

4 generations of bakers #rozisweets

Grandmother, Mother, and Aunts.  We are 4 generations of bakers.   


Chef Rozi plating up Liberian Ricebread at @JamesBeardFoundation


Rosemarie Tolbert began her career at five years old, at the family’s dining room table in Monrovia, Liberia.   Acting as an apprentice, she assisted her grandmother and mother prepare breads, desserts, pastries, jellies and all things SWEET.  She learned as they passed down to her, age-old recipes and traditional cooking methods which had been passed down from their mothers and grandmothers.  She learned importance of using the best and freshest ingredients, she learned it was also okay to add her own twist and love to each recipe.  Her love, appreciation, and amazing natural flair to create the impossible are what she eventually, as an adult, learned was a passion for the culinary and pastry arts.